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Birthdate:Jul 23
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
I'm here for the fic. Shoebox Project was my gateway drug, and now... well... here we are.

Also, I'm well above the age of majority - born in '81. That means I can (and do) read whatever I like.

I read and write Severus/Hermione(/Remus); Draco/Hermione(/Severus); the occasional femme-slash... and I'm trying my quill at Scorpius/Hermione.

OH! and that sweet little userpic--Not Mine. Yoinked it from the interwebs--Artist's name? GoodCitizen.

I have gotten such great support and feedback on what I've posted.
These are all of the shinies I've gotten, and I display them with my most humble gratitude.

To begin, check out my OWL House Cup Robes.

I wouldn't be posting stories if it weren't for the House Cup and the encouragement of my fellow Gryffs.

I can't seem to find my October patch *iz a bad grrl scout* but here is what I earned for Gryffindor last year!


This was done with some reviews,
a little one shot,
a story I took off the burner too soon,

but most of all with
To Conquer Her

A story that would later be awarded, to my great surprise and honor

the Order of Merlin First Class
by the readers at O.W.L. as well as...

and a nomination in Round Six at
The Dramione Awards

And I am ever so proud to have been a part of Dyno Drabbles with the following shinies to show for myself!

<table border="2" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="7">

And, hopefully by now you know about Hawthorn and Vine, the newest (to my knowledge) Dramione archive!

And of course, my very special shiny:

which was a gift from Wildflower4ever. She's so brilliant!
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